The Shard

2021, short comic, 37 pages

In the not-too-distant future, social life has migrated to the highway- cruising and impromptu street races are the best way to see your friends in the futuristic super-city of The Shard. On a night like any other, a factory worker, joyriders, and a couple of artists cross paths, each of them revealing a different side of the city.

Space: Y2K1

2019, comic strip

Equipped with civilization's most sophisticated technology but simple minds, the last known survivors of the human race are totally lost in outer space.

Awaken Day

2017 – 2019, two volumes

Leon’s simple life takes an unexpected turn when he’s offered a position at an elite school for puppeteers. But he soon discovers that his teacher is involved in a plot to seize political power and is cultivating an unholy form of magic that could have disastrous consequences.


2016, short comic, 17 pages


2014, short comic, 7 pages