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Scuri: Into the Shard

2020, short comic, 35 pages

Two workers witness an accident in the strange, yet oddly familiar city of The Shard.

Space: Y2K1

2019 – present, ongoing strip

Equipped with civilization's most sophisticated technology but simple minds, the last known survivors of the human race are completely lost in outer space, baking souffles to pass the time, inadvertently wrecking alien civilizations, and getting under each other's skin.

Awaken Day

2017 – 2019, two volumes

Leon’s simple life takes an unexpected turn when he’s offered a position at an elite school for puppeteers. But he soon discovers that his teacher is involved in a plot to seize political power and is cultivating an unholy form of magic that could have disastrous consequences.


2016, short comic, 17 pages

When carefree Bobby Suzuki finds a wallet in the convenince store he and his friends debate whether to keep it or return it to the mysterious owner.


2014, short comic, 7 pages

A lone mouse ventures into an unfamiliar landscape.